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The Welcome Porch


The back story…

The Caravanserai is for everyone but sometimes it is hard to know what it is about and why you would come in. So that is where this space comes to the rescue. It is covered and a little raised so when you are sitting there chatting with a friend or two you are at eye level with anyone who comes to the gate. You can then welcome that person buy letting them know about the various things going on and point out the areas on the the relief map which hangs under the porch on the side of the Russian shipping container. The map looks a little abstract as it was constructed by professional planners and children out of scrap but the Oasis Cafe the Flying Carpet Theatre The long Table and the Flitched Yard are all recognisable. On certain days this porch will be wildly decorated. Sometimes there will be ticketed events and this is where you will pay to enter. Sometimes it will act as a spill over market stall…but whatever is happening there will always be a warm welcome.


What might you do there?

If you have time to sit in the porch and welcome people for a few hours on a Saturday morning during the gardening days or for events the Caravanserai would love to hear from you. If you have an idea for a specific installation please get in touch.


Just email , Welcome Porch in the title and give us as much information as you can or ask any questions you like. We want to help you make things happen.

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