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The Long Table

The back story…

The Long Table was first launched April Fools Weekend 2012 with a fools feast. It was designed and built by the Caravanserai team with scaffolding donated by a local company Loughton Scaffolding. It is 17m long and 60 people can sit down together for a meal. The roof was donated by Hambleside Danelaw in glass reinforced plastic and keeps you dry if the wind isn’t too strong. The Long Table is high enough to use as a stage or a catwalk for humans or puppets. It works well for art workshops and post workshop exhibitions. It can be used as a grand market bench by a dozen traders stall holders.


What might you do there?

You can organise party of neighbours or buy food from the Oasis Cafe. Bring some big ideas to the Long Table on Saturday 15th March when the plans for 2014 will be hatched.


Just email , The Long Table in the title and give us as much information as you can or ask any questions you like. We want to help you make things happen.


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