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The Flying Carpet Theatre

The back story…

The Flying Carpet Theatre is built around 10 saris bought in East Ham and then ‘frozen’ in glass reinforced plastic to form a colourful canopy over a stage made from the baulks of wood used to stabilise the cranes that built the Velodrome for the Olympics. The timber structure was designed by Ash Sakula, engineered by Morph the components donated by Kingspan Potten and erected by the Caravanserai team. The letters, feathered in copper leaf fly above the roof making the sign visible from the trains. Many performances have taken place here, most intensely on the August bank holiday weekend 2013 when the local musicians club Arch1 brought 30 local bands to play over two days.


What might you do there?

For the 2014 2015 season the local Faith Theatre company will be in residency. They are keen to meet lots of new people and are also happy for other performances and events to take place. One of those will be the Felix Joseph Steel Pan Band that will be running workshops twice weekly throughout the season. If you have an acoustic bad or idea for performances please get in touch.


Just email , The Long Table in the title and give us as much information as you can or ask any questions you like. We want to help you make things happen.

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