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The back story…

The trading kiosks have little windows onto Silvertown Way and a more relaxed open display merchandise facing into the Caravanserai.

Together the 10 kiosks with other structures for informal selling make a small market. The structures  were finished in time for the Olympics, but the Olympic walking route in Canning Town experienced very little traffic.

The eight winners of the Caravanserai Kiosk Competition made good friends but sold too little.

So now the question is how do you stimulate trade and commercial activity in this location.It is visible from the trains and just opposite Canning Town station but needs to establish itself as a destination for up and coming business in 2014.



What might you do there?

Register your interest in a kiosk by the day week or month. The Caravanserai is organising a Pop Up Shop Fitting Competition in April for a kit of parts that can be easily transported to temporary shop locations. Watch this space.


Just email , Market Kiosks in the title and give us as much information as you can or ask any questions you like. We want to help you make things happen.

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