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Community Garden


The back story…

Here were seven lucky trees on the site three bright yellow acacia some cherry and plum trees unharmed by previous demolition. There is also a large magnificent but mysteriious tree (anyone know what species it is?) on the pavement by the North Gate.

The first step was to make a mint tea terrace with pallet seating and 10 varieties of mint that could be enjoyed in tea. Hackney tree nursery then donated  a dozen oak saplings grown from seed by children further up the Lea valley. These oaks are growing into a miniature forest in triangular planters and can be moved around the site to scenes and eventually proper shade. They will travel on with the Caravanserai wherever it might land after it leaves this site.

Micro trapezoidal allotments at different heights were created for tiered edible planting by local gardeners…more will be built in 2014. The soil is donated by Gardenscape.

What might you do there?

The Caravanserai will become a thriving green oasis when enough people invest their time and energy into their own allotment. Anyone who would like to run a workshop, organise green events or best of all organise regular garden meet-ups should get in touch. The opening times and growing ideas will be captured at the  2014 Garden opening on Saturday 15th March. There will be a chance to help construct some unusual greenhouses and plant the first seeds.



Just email , Community Garden in the title and give us as much information as you can or ask any questions you like. We want to help you make things happen.



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