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Our Caravanserai Legacy Walk

Following the dismantling of our site in November 2015, we invite you to pick up the threads and discover where the structures, plants, chairs, the palm tree and kitchen have landed. Catch the Caravanserai Legacy Walk on Saturday 12th March: meet old friends and share the contagious energy of the Caravanserai.

Join us all-day or for a a little along the way for open discussion on how we can use ‘soft city’ tactics to break inner city isolation
...all with a beer and a bite to eat!

12.00 -14.30
"We transform vacant spaces into vibrant gardens where people can grow food, create art, and experience their community in a new way"
Nomadic Gardens is a great meanwhile project, an examplar of how communities can use slack sites in the city to create and form relationships. Join us for food around the campfire and a nosey around.

15.20 -17.30
"An extraordinary sacred oasis in the city, the Royal Foundation of St Katharine is now entering a new phase in a history of almost 900 years"
The team at St. Katherine's has repurposed our timber to create fantastic bar and furniture. Join us for a warm drink inside their impressive yurt.

18.30 - 20.30
A new community dock on the Lea and the-line.org - a place full of arts and music, the new home for the kitchen and people of the Caravanserai neighbourhood and is looking for dynamic volunteers.
Rahila’s Amazing Iranian Soup ASH-E-RESHTEH with fresh home made bread often served in late March for Norooz, the Persian new year. Settle in the dry dock boat bar and watch the light fade over the Lea River

21.00 - midnight
Music at our favourite venue!