Rocket Rockets! – 20.06.2015 « Canning Town Caravanserai

Rocket Rockets! – 20.06.2015



It was time for a slightly more crafty workshop this time around, so we were teaching people how to turn their old empty bottles into a self watering rocket which grows rocket!  3 participants from Newham took part, one lady came to learn the process so that she could run the workshop with some kids she teaches.  Knowledge sharing is important to us here so it was great to hear it would be used elsewhere.





To begin with the bottle is cut into half the top fits into the bottom section upside down and a small porthole is cut into the bottom.




We then decorated the bottles with electrical tape and cut out and coloured in some fins to complete the rocket look.  Once that was done we fill the cavity with compost and planted wild rocket, a really punchy salad leaf.

The trick to it being self watering is to let the seeds germinate and then begin putting water into the little porthole. This enables the roots to force down and requires less watering.

It’s a great project for all ages and something that can be put on a window sill and watched develop daily.