Paper pot maker workshop « Canning Town Caravanserai

Paper pot maker workshop



Not ones to waste here at the Caravanserai this workshop took off cuts from our Parks on Wheels build and recycled them into paper pot makers.  Using the circular pieces of wood created by Team Tea (Louisa Varelidi, Georgia Halabi and Alex Anderson and volunteers) in their vertical tea garden with some additional bits we created pot makers which make small flower pots out of newspaper.


All participants were Newham locals and 2 were under the age of 10 and had never used power tools before, so we took them through the correct and safe usage of the drills we were going to use.  By the end of the session one girl was confident enough to use the drill without assistance and was powering through the plywood like a trooper.  The other girl, who initially was intimidated by the drill, was happy to have a go towards the end of the session.

Paper potter workshop 1


The workshop involved sanding and a lot of gluing as each circular section is glued together.  We orchestrated mass clamping by using strips of plywood which helped the glue to set quicker.

Paper potter workshop 2

Having thought they would be doing a planting exercise getting stuck into using drills, sand paper, wood glue  and clamps wasn’t what the participants had in mind but they soon took to the making.  At the end of the workshop we used the paper potters to make some pots and planted them with cornfield annuals, perfect for any bee lover.

Paper potter workshop 4