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Vertical Garden in progress

bike wheels post sketches


With Summer in full swing there’s lots to talk about at the Canning Town Caravanserai. We find the best ideas take into account the needs of the community and attempt to respond to these needs through sensitive design. By combining the expert knowledge of local people with the design creativity of the caravanserai team, this makes for an exciting collaboration through co-production.


An increasing number of locals have been asking us for new space to grow their plants, and while limited outdoor amenity space for growing might be one issue, it is the opportunity to share skills and ideas with other local gardening enthusiasts that also brings people to the caravanserai. Out of these conversations came the idea of creating a vertical garden that would provide a flexible space for growing as well as a project to catalyse the landscaping of the south-end of the site as a welcoming zone.


Working with recycled materials is key to the design and build process at the caravanserai and a range of materials were considered for building the vertical garden including palettes, rectangular timber sections, rope and bicycle wheels of varying conditions. Other considerations that would inform the design include accessibility and particularly for wheelchair users, diversity of plant typologies to grow and low-tech design.


Below is a visualisation of the first design for the vertical garden that we came up with. If you have any creative ideas about how we can make this even better it would be great to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing with ‘Vertical Garden’ in the subject line. You can also come visit us on-site to speak about any of your ideas.


bike wheels post