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Broken Light at Music Weekend Festival



Text and photos by Shannon Du Hasky


A great day was had at the Caravanserai on July 26th when Arch 1 and Broken Light rolled onto the site for a day of music, art and drama. 11 musical acts graced the Flying Carpet Theatre Stage. We were so fortunate for the gift of a sunny and hot day so festival attendees enjoyed lounging on the urban beach, repeated trips to the Caravanserai bar and took advantage of fun little games and delights scattered across the site. Bubble blowing, water balloons, fishing and golf were big crowd pleasers!


We arrived at noon to start our set up and took great enjoyment in decorating the kiosks close to stage transforming them into theatrically designed little spaces for our crowd to enjoy. The other kiosks were full of delightful things to buy, clothes, cards and Ollas. Unglazed eco pottery for garden irrigation. I was very impressed with the catering Robert Clark of Arch 1 arranged for the day. Delicious French galettes to tempt all pallets, filled with delicious wholesome food. The day was a success and feedback on the Caravanserai space was wonderful. It was a happy discovery for many of our attendees to find such a wonderful oasis of community and creativity right across from the tube.


general view


We really look forward to having the opportunity to host more events and happening with the Caravanserai. Many of our high quality musical acts will be making an enthusiastic August return when the festival kicks off again over the bank holiday weekend. If you would like to look up our artists and have a pre-listen yourself our musical bill was as follows:


SAM ELLIOT – Grunge-inspired singer songwriter

BROKEN TV – A three piece playing some alternative rock


DU HASKY – Energetic Singer Songwriter with drums, playing tunes that will make you raise your fist and burn down the barn


Ejem Official – Acoustic RnB


Mexfs – Musician/Street performer who creates multiple layers of sound via lap tapping and more..


Elle Roberts – Angelic singer/songwriter


LEWiSBURG – Described as folk/pop and influenced by acts such as Phosphorescent, Ryan Adams and Eels


FOREST CONNECTION – Acoustic duo dueling some gorgeous instrumental guitar


STEVE ANTHONY – Witty singer/songwriter


Loose Joints –
Finishing off the day are Loose Joints, playing some catchy rock/blues/funk


Be sure to join us in August for more fun and frivolity under the sun!!



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