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Reconnecting with nature



By Juris Platancis
Photo by Hajir Kheder


‘How do they make different types of cheese?’ a friend of mine once asked.


‘Well.. for hard cheese it is necessary that cows exercise a lot. For instance, if they live on a rocky hillside and are very muscular, people can produce Parmesan,’ I replied.


‘I see.’


‘Those farms that have swimming pools for cattle can manufacture Mozzarella.’


‘Interesting,’ said this nice yet gullible guy.


‘My personal advice: never buy Stilton or Roquefort. They use old animals for that.’


‘Thanks! And where does Cheddar come from?’


‘Oh, it’s just from English cows fed on daffodils.’


‘Thank you!’


Initially, I was surprised about his ignorance. After all, he is an adult and works in a supermarket. But then I realized that, frankly, I couldn’t answer his inital question. Shame, I never cared enough to investigate this matter myself. People used to be much more familiar with origins of their meals. Nowadays some of us see this knowledge as useful as competence to send a telegram.


However, for those who are willing to get a therapeutic reward from growing their own food or flowers, we are building more wooden beds at the Canning Town Caravanserai.