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Thank You, SISK

sisk working


SISK worked hard along with Caravanserai team for more than two weeks in order to get our gates back up as soon as possible; not only that, SISK was kind enough to also donate some brand new pieces of plywood to Caravanserai!


Winter’s storm managed to smash both of our gates into pieces, making the restoration of the gates a real challenge. Unfortunately some broken part of the gates could not be reused, however SISK were kind enough to really help us get our gates up on time, so they also offered to cut out the new pieces for us and also put the gates back up. Once the gates were up, the Caravanserai Team put on its painting clothes and gave them a fresh look to bring them back to their old glory.


A big THANK YOU to SISK that helped us restore our gates in time to welcome this year’s Summer Season!