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Steelband Classes at Caravanserai



Newham Steelband brought their steel drums and drum kits to Caravanserai to give a performance and teach us the art of playing these do-it-yourself instruments. When I first listened to their music I was pretty sure that it was something recorded, until I realised that these carefully crafted steel drums can produce the sound of an actual musical instrument, like a piano or a guitar; I found this amazing and just popped into the workshop to learn more about their music!


Felix is a Newham local who has a passion for playing and sharing his music. He spent more than one month at Caravanserai in order to prepare the drums for his upcoming Steelband Classes that will also take place at our site.


After a successful music workshop that took place at Caravanserai on May, Felix and his band will return to Caravanserai for a series of Steelband Classes, starting on the 24th June. We can’t wait!