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Dome Making Workshop at Caravanserai « Canning Town Caravanserai

Dome Making Workshop at Caravanserai


Caravanserai was excited to collaborate with New Earth UK for a Dome Making Workshop on April. Iliona and Tanin shared with Caravanserai friends the ‘secrets’ of sustainable self-building and teamwork; as Iliona mentioned ‘sustainability begins with a person’.


Young built enthusiasts got straight into work and helped collect the materials needed to make a ceramic oven for Caravanserai’s famous barbeque gatherings. The materials that we used for the workshop were recycled ceramic bricks and small stones that were found on site. Iliona and Tanin introduced us to the ancient technique of dome making, which is not only sustainable efficient but shares a broader social issue; New Earth UK’s cause is to spread its knowledge of self-building knowledge, so that everyone has the knowledge to build a shelter of its own and fight in that way homelessness.


New Earth UK runs a series of workshops in UK and around the world. This Summer Iliona and Tanin will return to Canning Town Caravanserai to run a series of Weekend Dome Making Workshops. Workshops dates are 21&22 June, 28. &29 June and 5&6 July.