An urban dream coming true « Canning Town Caravanserai

An urban dream coming true

BSC1Last Saturday I had the chance to discover the world of Canning Town Caravanserai. Right opposite from the Canning Town tube station there is a vital urban experiment that awaits Londoners to discover it. When I arrived I spent some time to observe the surrounding space of the site, until I found my way to a cute small door. When I opened it I felt excited as I witnessed a welcoming and warm place, a cultural and communal urban hub created by locals and devoted volunteers that embrace the idea of making a place for creative interaction. The CTC is a perfect example of what local action can do in order to propose a potentiality for the notion that a public space can have in our days. If we examine the current conditions in a city, which is composed of public and privately owned spaces, we are able to understand their impact on urgent issues of politics and socialization. CTC could be described as a space that is in-between these two conditions, a ‘third space’ that suggests new conditions for the common. In the case of CTC we can identify the overlapping or coexistence of the public and private spheres, that prove the transitional condition that public spaces are going through in the contemporary urban environment. Responding to the needs for vital local community life, CTC is providing a free space for social interaction; visitors get a chance for playful conversation, learning, gardening, trading and eventually engaging in the philosophy of what a shared space has to offer to community life.