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People, Ideas and Skill

People, Ideas and Skill

Krupali Patel 3Caravanserai for me is an opportunity for the collaboration of people, ideas and skills to form an extraordinary project for the community; this being the sole reason for my interest in this project. The prospect of learning new things through swapping skills is what motivates me to come on site every day. Working on Caravanserai gives me a chance to meet people from different backgrounds, with similar interests and learn something new from them, as well trying to teach them what I know. On site we are faced with new challenges every day, and so far the experience of working together as a team has been great. We learn different approaches from one another and everyone is very supportive; so I think we are all working well on helping to develop this project and make it work.

It is rewarding to see the result of your efforts and the best part of working on a project like this is being able to view the progress and outcome of your work. Looking back at the site from when I first came to visit it and from what I look at today; I see a site with a lot more potential and a project that will be up and running very soon. I can walk onto site and identify every intern’s effort in making Caravanserai what it is today from where it was four weeks ago.

I’m excited to see the space being used and await the collaboration of talented individuals to create opportunities for one another at the Caravanserai. I can already imagine a bustling crowd entering the site, walking on the paving I have helped lay down; picking out the home grown food on site to add to their dish from the Oasis Cafe I have helped put together. I am proud of my contribution so far on this project and glad to have expanded my design and build knowledge, and hope to continue on developing my skills here.

Written by Krupali Patel