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Learning « Canning Town Caravanserai


A word that could describe my experience and my feelings about the Caravanserai is “Learning”

Alessandro Penna 2

Not only for what concern my personal culture but also for the community and the potentiality of this place in this therm. For example , if I have to refer to my personal experience, I can say that during this month I have improved my knowledge in many fields. First of all, my English is getting better and at the same time my skills as an Architect are developing every day. I am learning how the things are done in a very practical way and this also helps to realise how much is difficult to build them and how is important to be precise in every part of our job to avoid wasting of time, of materials and energy (we were just building a toilette!!!). For me this is so important because these aspects are so difficult to see when you are just working on your computer and  I think it has been a good way to bring us to reality.

For what concern the people of the Community, I think their learning experience and their knowledge about the Caravanserai is growing together with our work on the site and our visibility. Indeed, the more we are working, the bigger is the number  of curious  who  come to see and ask who we are , what we are doing, and which is the function of the site. Moreover, if we think about the site as trading place or a space for Festival and

Events, one of the intrinsic potential referred to them is the cultural one, because of the topics but mostly because all of them are based on the communication between the people which is the best way to improve the knowledge and to Learn.

By Alessandro Penna