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Miracle Berry « Canning Town Caravanserai

Miracle Berry

The Caravanserai, a magical place where Guinness turns to chocolate and pickled onions become caramelized.


Andy distributing pills of miracle berry to Caravanserai guests
Though such transformations may seem the product of imagination, on Sunday in Canning Town they were a reality thanks to the efforts of Andy from FocalLocal (http://focallocal.org/). When consumed, the miracle berry, or synsepalum dulcificum alters one’s taste buds for half an hour making sour and bitter become sweet. Guests brought their own food and drinks they thought would be most susceptible to the miracle berry’s potency. Besides Guinness and the onions, other amusing sights were people gladly eating whole lemon slices and sour candies without the slightest pucker. After the effects wore off, we found no better return to gustatory reality than a cup of our homegrown mint tea. Another day at the Caravanserai, another new experience, and another set of guests from around London and the world.
Written by Samuel Brandt