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This is Not the Conventional Way of Designing!


For those who have worked so hard to achieve all these stages of Flitched, I strongly believe they recognise how much effort was needed!
Moreover, work experience which is gained from this process is unique.
Let’s forget the conventional way of designing!
In Flitched, design follows the bottom-up process, and flows with the stock of material in the construction.
Every timber was collected from skip yards, it was used before for something else, and now is a part of the building, as a column, as a beam, truss, or as a part of the facade.
According to our timber inventory, we, the interns and volunteers design and propose ideas for what remaining to be constructed!
If this is not sustainability, then what is it?
I hope to give you an answer after there Flitched will finished.
Up until then, I have so much to learn from this process.