The metamorphosis « Canning Town Caravanserai

The metamorphosis

 At the Caravanserai, we are precise and spontaneous. We are serious and easy-going. Here at the Caravanserai, we are a team. We gather, we learn, we share and we make. We don’t recycle. We upcycle. We like to think outside the box. Well, at the very least, we try.


We sketch and we build. Along the way, we change, we sketch, and we build again. We do this quite often, more often than we probably should. But isn’t this how things are? Fluctuant, impromptu.
At the Caravanserai, there is a new café – the ‘Oasis Café’. And today, I want to share with you the story behind the recently planted ‘Palm tree table’. The oasis spot you can come and gather around. Here, under the shade of our custom-made palm leaves, you can have a cup of coffee, a chat with an old friend or, just like we enjoy doing now, sketch out an idea or two.
We found a cherry tree trunk behind the Flying Carpet Theatre, on site. ‘What a beautiful table leg that would be’, we thought straightaway – well, almost straightaway. A month passed, during which we knew there was a hidden potential in this trunk but didn’t exactly know what it was. And there it was. Something of an impulse. A intuition, almost. And just like that, one day, the cherry tree transformed into a palm. The caterpillar metamorphosed into a butterfly; a beautiful, exotic butterfly wearing the bright colours of a Jamaican flag. All it took to bring the distant land to the Caravanserai was some timber, a roll of blue polypipe, silky fabric and the rest is history. After all, a magician never reveals his secret.
So, whether you are going to the Excel exhibition centre? Flying over the Thames on the Emirates Air Line? Or simply passing through Canning Town to meet a friend?
Drop by! The Oasis Café it is not a mirage.
By Elissaveta Marinova