Flitched: The upcycler’s design competition « Canning Town Caravanserai

Flitched: The upcycler’s design competition

Flitched invites architects, designers, and ecologists working with structural engineers to design a poetic and useful structure for the Caravanserai community site using materials from our inventory of construction waste.Seeing beyond the weaknesses or inadequacies of each product, we hope participants will creatively repurpose material components to form a mesh providing shelter and animation to a large open workshop where a range of making and horticultural activities can take place.All entries will be anonymous. Entries are encouraged from established practices, multinational firms, students and freelancers with the input of qualified engineers.The opportunity to explore joints and junctions imaginatively will hopefully appeal to digital inventors, architects, fabricators, structural and environmental engineers and landscape architects.

Just as the flitching together of a variety of distinct materials can produce a strong compound structure, the flitching together of diverse disciplines can lead to a stronger, more dynamic design community, and risk defying concepts.