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on the South

I’m going to a meeting in Comuna 8 in Buenos Aires today. I’m not very sure what the meeting is

Communities and Public Space – Buenos Aires 1950s shantytowns

For decades architects, geographers and urban designers have been fascinated by the link between com

Fantastic upcycling at Nomadic Gardens

One really gets a sense of being a kid again, an instictive yearning to grab a hammer and some nails

Captivating talk by Jimmy at Nomadic Gardens on third space

Captivating talk by Jimmy from @nomadic_community_gardens on ‘third space’ – place

Our Caravanserai Legacy Walk

Following the dismantling of our site in November 2015, we invite you to pick up the threads and dis

The Last Post

Loz Speyer blows his horn as the sun goes down on the Caravanserai.  

What truly defines a community?

What truly defines a community? Is it the people within it? Is it the cultures it is comprised of? I

Caravanserai is a rare oasis

On September 25, 2015, Dr. Jones’s class, COLWRIT R4B Reading and Composition, went to Caravansera

An Incredibly Refreshing Break

On Thursday, September 24th, 2015, I visited Caravanserai with my college writing class. As always,

An Eye-Opening Experience

Thursday’s trip to Caravanserai was definitely an eye-opening experience for me.   Right as I

My Experience at Caravanserai Was One of Fascination and Wonder

Caravanserai is a small friendly communal site that was built freely in a five-year span as an urban

Caravanserai – A Canning Town Treat

I arrived in Canning Town tube station with another classmate after an uneventful ride in the London

The Caravanserai Stands as an Oasis in the Middle of a Capitalistic Desert

The Caravanserai represents in many respects a pushback against modern capitalistic materialism in t

Pleasure of Visiting Caravanserai

This past Thursday, September 24th, I had the pleasure of visiting Caravanserai with my English cla

My Time at Caravanserai

I have never been to a place like Caravanserai before. When I first walked into the area, I was conf

Fantastic experience at the Caravanserai

Visiting the Caravanserai today in Canning Town was a fantastic experience. It was both refreshing a

Legacy for Meanwhile Use

Our project and community manager for the Summer 2014, Hajir Kheder, has exhibited at Central Saint

Tie Dye – 01.08.2015

Hippy fad or part of a new wave of diy enthusiasm, tie dye can breathe some new life into old garmen

Foraging – 18.07.2015

Sun greeted the keen foragers in the morning at Caravanserai, perfect weather for a tour of the gard

Caravanserai Summer Spectacular

  On Saturday, 27 June we held our summer spectacular. The event was designed to celebrate all

Rocket Rockets! – 20.06.2015

  It was time for a slightly more crafty workshop this time around, so we were teaching people

Elderflower cordial making – 6.06.2015

With the smell of Elderflower in the air and summer on the horizon we ran a workshop teaching people

Rosemary shampoo making

Normal shampoo strips the moisture from your hair so for this workshop we made a natural shampoo.  

Paper pot maker workshop

09.05.2015   Not ones to waste here at the Caravanserai this workshop took off cuts from our Pa

Greening the Overground event – 1.05.2015

Last Friday Josh and Julian from the Caravanserai were invited to Groundwork’s “Greening the Ove

Making natural dyes from plants

For the second workshop at the Caravanserai this season we looked at various plants which can be use

Re-inventing the window-box

We have plenty of pallets on site and once broken up they provide a useful source of rustic looking

Caravanserai Learns Hospitality Tips From Airbnb

Last week, the Caravanserai team were invited to an exclusive Airbnb event where we met hosts from a

Voices of the Caravanserai

  By Helen Sears and Anna Back   How to measure success? How to assess the social Impact o

A reflection with Jade Sempare

Seven weeks into the gardening programme Ability Grows, the caravanserai team took the chance to tak

Vertical Garden in progress

  With Summer in full swing there’s lots to talk about at the Canning Town Caravanserai.

Broken Light at Music Weekend Festival

  Text and photos by Shannon Du Hasky   A great day was had at the Caravanserai on July 26

Awareness of modernity in a small region of Italy

  By Andrea Cippitelli   “Sottoradice” is a project that started officially in April 2

Music Weekend Festival

  Last weekend Canning Town Caravanserai opened its gates to all music and summer lovers to spe

Arch 1 at Canning Town Caravanserai

  By Shannon du Hasky | Broken Light   I am so pleased as excitement just keeps building f

Reconnecting with nature

  By Juris Platancis Photo by Hajir Kheder   ‘How do they make different types of cheese

AMNET CSR Day with Project Dirt

  On the 8th July the Canning Town Caravanserai (CTC) and its team welcomed members from AMNET

No Job Too Small

  After the columns to support flitched had been installed, scaffolding was needed to provide a

Self Made City: The Future of Regeneration ?

  By John Jeffers, London, 26th May 2014   This article is written in the light of the ‘

Light Follows Behaviour

  On a rainy Saturday afternoon we brought our torches and old cereal boxes at Caravanserai to

Steelband Classes at Caravanserai

  Newham Steelband brought their steel drums and drum kits to Caravanserai to give a performanc

Thank You, SISK

  SISK worked hard along with Caravanserai team for more than two weeks in order to get our gat

Self Made City Symposium

  Caravanserai Spring Season had a great kickstart at Self Made City Symposium that took place

Dome Making Workshop at Caravanserai

Caravanserai was excited to collaborate with New Earth UK for a Dome Making Workshop on April. Ilion

Partnering with Silvertown’s New School

  We are really excited about the opportunity to work with Caravanserai. I had a site visit tod

An urban dream coming true

Last Saturday I had the chance to discover the world of Canning Town Caravanserai. Right opposite fr


  URBANISTAS at ECOBUILD: on Tuesday, Cany Ash of Ash Sakula Architects, Semra Ekinci, and

Faith Drama Group at Caravanserai

  Introducing…Caravanserai’s 2014-15 Artists in Residence – FAITH Drama Produ

Joan Soane Museum Visit

As part of Joan Soanes Young Architects’ club we were visited by Future Architects aged 7-10 w

Siraj Izhar on why we all need to know about legislation and political promises

“40% of the Olympic Village was to go to local people, 25% is now occupied by local people, which

Flitched Yard is Complete

Following an intensive summer on site, Flitched Yard was completed in November thanks to our 53 volu

Gardening Club

Hosted by Valerie Segree, a local with a great interest in everything green, The Gardening Club run

Laura Pelfort

Laura Pelfort 2013 |design and built   Laura Pelfort was bo

Nayan Kulkani

  Nayan Kulkani 2013 | arts and visuals 21 ARTISTS Multimedia artist N

Interactive Technologies at CTC

  Laurent Louyer 2013 | interactive technologies CREATMOSPHERE www.pinte

Light Night Canning Town

  Caravanserai co-hosted Light Night Canning Town, a free community arts event co-ordinated

Trade School Coming to the Caravanserai

This story starts with three curious people: Louise Ma, Rich Watts and Caroline Woolard – all inte

Temporary Urbanism: A Tool Towards Adaptable Futures

Temporary Urbanism: A Tool Towards Adaptable Futures We have recently been developing the idea of ad

Death of the High Street? Enter the Caravanserai!

    As the Caravanserai emerges from the ground, there’s one week left for depressed high street

Canning Town Caravanserai – A Living Experiment

The Canning Town Caravanserai is a living experiment in regeneration in the new economic reality. Lo

Ska Toons

Today we have a guest post from the very talented illustrator and musician Michael Munday from

Hosting at the Caravanserai

Since our spring reopening earlier this month, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting two Caravanserai e

A Brief Berlin-Terlude

  Upon a recent trip to Germany, I couldn’t help but notice that Berliners have seemingly per

Myself, the Role of Social Media and the Caravanserai

  Hi. I’m Theo Jones. I’ve been leading the Caravanserai’s social media, events, marketing

The Architecture of Our Building Site

  It is Friday, the 11th of August 2012. The sun is touching the horizon while three musicians play

People, Ideas and Skill

People, Ideas and Skill Caravanserai for me is an opportunity for the collaboration of people, ideas


A word that could describe my experience and my feelings about the Caravanserai is “Learning” No

On the menu at the Caravanserai

Dada Jee always used to say that a good tradesman is an organized tradesman; if you are not organize

The Role of Art, Culture and Architecture as Catalysts for Change

The post-games development of the Olympic Park may yet trigger controversies but its gardens and

Miracle Berry

The Caravanserai, a magical place where Guinness turns to chocolate and pickled onions become carame

Caravanserai in the Modern World

As I know Persia used to be the origin of Caravanserai. As a result most of the ancient Caravanserai

A View From Inside the Caravanserai: A Design and Build Internship

The internship was a challenge to flitch together, and find a way to design and build a making space

This is Not the Conventional Way of Designing!

  For those who have worked so hard to achieve all these stages of Flitched, I strongly believe

The Art of Scavenging

We are not a charity. We are upcylcers! The materials we use are those that don’t have any commerc

Everybody is hungry!

How do you make something from nothing? The Flitched Making Yard at the Canning Town Caravanserai is

The metamorphosis

 At the Caravanserai, we are precise and spontaneous. We are serious and easy-going. Here at the Ca

Making the dream a reality : An intern’s journey into the Caravanserai

When I was 6 years old, I joined Girl Guides with, despite my young age, three clear reasons in mind

#Flitched- Where it all began…


#Flitched Challenge

Upcycling for Grownups – We are looking for a big structure. The demands are quite modest; t

The #Flitched Networking Event at Buro Four

The #Flitched networking event, generously hosted by Buro Four on Monday 10 December, served as an i

Flitched: The upcycler’s design competition

Flitched invites architects, designers, and ecologists working with structural engineers to design a

Experiences at The Long Table Language School

All started when I first met with Cany Ash at the Caravanserai in Canning Town, we were talking abou

Architects’ Journal takes a tour of Canning Town Caravanserai

Footprint pays a visit to the Caravanserai on the eve of Open House weekend 20 September, 2012 | By

My exciting experience at Canning Town Caravanserai

During the last three weeks, I have participated in the Canning Town Caravanserai project by Ash Sak

Talking Craft at Caravanserai Pop Up Tuesdays

Ben Bolgar from the Princes Foundation // Marc Thomas + Nick from Millimetre // Taty Vela + Simon Ri

Thinking Green at Caravanserai Pop Up Tuesdays

Last Tuesday brought urban farmers, students and curious individuals down to the Caravanserai. The s

April Fools Caravanserai Weekend

Despite blustery beginnings, we enjoyed a wonderful Aprils Fools weekend and opening to the Canning

Designs on Paper Becoming Reality

Our building team have been working hard to design and build the first pieces of the Caravanserai pu